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Nighttime Navigation: How a Soft Bed Frame Can Reduce Middle-of-the-Night Bruising

While wooden, upholstered, and metal bed frames are traditional options for your bedroom, they have one major downside. The hard surfaces, exposed legs, and sharp corners are the all-too-common cause of bumps, bruises, and scrapes—especially in the middle of the night when visibility is at its worst.

Thankfully, twice-patented soft bed frames and headboards from SoftFrame® Designs are made with only highly-cushioned, high-density foam that offers 360 degrees of softness around your bed. The bed frames pair easily with your existing box spring to minimize these pesky injuries and allow you to navigate your space safely, even in the dark.

These innovative bed frames and headboard exclusively available at SoftFrame® Designs, help avoid nighttime bruising and make your bedroom a safe and serene oasis.

High-Density, Life-Friendly Foam

SoftFrame® Designs headboards and bed frames are both made with plush, Certi-PUR US® certified foam. This type of high-density, life-friendly foam is free of harsh chemicals and toxins. It offers 360 degrees of softness around your bed and completely eliminates sharp edges, leaving only soft surfaces. You can choose from three silhouettes: The Ultra, with 5”-thick cushioned sides for more of a statement, the Luna with 3.5”-thick soft, rounded, and tubular sides; and the Classic with 2.5”-thick sides. No matter which style you select, you won’t stub your toes or run into harsh edges in the middle of the night.

Premium Upholstery Fabrics

Each SoftFrame® Designs bed frame is finished in resilient, soft fabrics. This upholstered style not only creates a premium, luxurious look to your new bed frame, but it also offers an added layer of protection.

SoftFrame® Designs has two primary fabric types: 100% polyester and linen-polyester blend. Some of these fabrics come in a traditional flat weave that offers a linen-like look, while others are crafted in a bouclé style that resembles synthetic fleece. No matter the textile, all fabrics are designed for optimal durability and comfort. Their soft, cozy finish complements the covered foam bed frame and is available in several fabrics to match your bedroom aesthetic.

Floating Bed Construction

While floating upholstered bed frames deliver a sleek and modern aesthetic, they are also strategically designed to help minimize accidental bumps and bruises. The SoftFrame® Designs Luna and Classic bed frames have been artfully constructed for a floating bed effect.

The base of these bed frames fits seamlessly over and around your box spring, concealing the box spring itself. However, the legs of the box spring you choose will remain visible. Once the bed frame is in place, simply place the mattress right on top, creating a slim and sleek floating bed look that not only elevates your space but also offers unprecedented protection and superior comfort.

Choosing the Perfect Soft Bed Frame

While every SoftFrame® Designs bed frame has high-density foam, premium fabric, and a floating bed design, there are three different collections available so you can find the perfect style for your space.

Ultra Collection

The Ultra Collection is indulgently soft with a timeless silhouette. It is a modern take on the traditional platform bed design and the most cushioned of them all, an ideal choice for those who are particularly accident-prone. A matching rectangular upholstered headboard is also available to complete the look.

Luna Collection

The Luna Collection has distinctive, curved edges and a rounded shape, giving it a softer and more romantic feel. With 3.5 inches of cushioning delivering a playful, chic look and plush protection. Add the half-moon-shaped headboard to infuse your space with a subtle boho feel.

Classic Collection

Finally, the Classic Collection has 2.5 inches of cushioning making it the perfect option for those with small spaces. Pair it with the matching rectangular headboard for a cohesive look.

No matter which style you prefer, all SoftFrame® Designs bed frames will keep your toes happy by eliminating middle-of-the-night collisions that are commonplace with traditional bed frames. Pain will be a thing of the past thanks to 360 degrees of plush foam surrounding your bed.

Explore each SoftFrame® Designs upholstered collection to find your favorite style today.

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