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How to Clean Your Fabric Bed Frame

Your bedroom is a source of serenity and endless comfort. But in order to achieve all of the beneficial energy your room can provide, keeping things clean and tidy is a must. SoftFrame® Designs crafts minimal, elegant bed frames that exude calming vibes, and we want to teach you how to clean your fabric bed frame clean so you can feel pure positivity whenever you’re in bed!

In this article, we'll show you the best ways to clean your fabric bed frame from SoftFrame® Designs so that you keep it safe and looking new for years to come. Whether you have a small stain, want to remove dust or debris, or simply want to give your bed a refresh, we’ll cover different methods to clean your bed. We care about sustainable, long-lasting products that are life-friendly and hold up, so read on to learn how to keep your SoftFrame® bed in mint condition!

How to Clean Your Fabric Bed Frame

Of course a well-lived-in and well-loved home experiences all manner of messes, from pet stains to a child’s accidental marker spot or maybe even a small red wine spill (we’ve all been there!) And with a fabric bed frame, you may worry that spills, spots, or stains are permanent—never fear: SoftFrame® Designs fabrics are not only durable and beautiful, but they’re also easy to clean. Let’s take a look at how to clean your bed.

Level 1: Pet Hair, Dust, and Loose Dirt

We know as well as you that daily life in spaces like the bedroom comes with recurring dust, pet dander, and other light dirt, sand, and more. Just as we like to keep our other furniture like the sofa or area rugs free and clean of messes, we recommend taking the same consistent care with your bed frame.

A quick and light weekly or bi-weekly vacuum of your bed frame’s fabric will help keep the excessive buildup of hair or dust at bay and keep your space looking gorgeous. Soft Frame beds are durable, but to prolong their life, make sure to use a soft brush on your vacuum. Additionally, if you notice a small amount of dirt or dust in an area, a light wipe with a clean, dry cloth usually does the trick. Need a little more elbow grease? Sounds like you’re ready for Level 2!

Level 2: Stains, Spills, and Spot Cleaning

Spills and stains are inevitable and no reason to be concerned. The polyester fibers in our durable fabrics are more readily resistant to staining than other materials, and because of this, cleaning up stains is a breeze. We recommend starting with a mild soap and a clean, damp cloth to spot clean. We follow the age-old advice to dab rather than rub to avoid spreading the stain.

If you find the stain isn’t coming out with mild soap and water, a cleaning product designed for polyester fabrics can be tried on a Soft Frame Designs bed frame. We ALWAYS recommend testing the cleaner on an inconspicuous spot of the bed frame before trying it on a stain, in case of discoloration.

Note: While fabric and upholstery-specific cleaners can work well, be wary of some brands as they often contain harsh chemicals that can prematurely break down your fabrics and can even cause discoloration or stains of their own.

Level 3: Larger Messes and Complete Cleaning

What about deep cleaning? Sometimes we want to do a total overhaul and full spring cleaning, and that’s great too! In the case that you want to fully freshen up your bed, SoftFrame® Designs bed frames can be professionally steam cleaned. We recommend leaving this to the professionals, as they have processes and tools not readily available to all of us. A full steam cleaning is a great idea to do every year or so to get your bed frame as fresh as new.

How to Keep Your Fabric Bed Frame Clean

Okay, the hard part is over! You’ve successfully cleaned your SoftFrame® Designs bed and now you want to keep it that way. How can you best avoid future messes and help maintain its minimal beauty? Well, aside from routine vacuuming, we at SoftFrame® Designs have a few other tips.

  • Be mindful of high-traffic areas: If you notice one area of the bed getting dusty or dirty first, take note of why and adjust the bed position or help protect the area with a throw blanket.
  • Brush your pets: Our furry friends love SoftFrame® Designs as much as their owners; keep the dander at bay with frequent brushings of your cats or dogs.
  • Set up a cleaning routine: One of the easiest ways to avoid larger cleanups is simply setting a regular schedule to do light cleaning; this helps you go longer between more intense cleaning of your fabric bed frame.

Cleaning Fabric Bed Frames At a Glance

Whether you just unboxed your SoftFrame® bed frame or have had one for years, we’re so excited you’re a part of our family! We want your bed frame to serve your needs well into the future, and following these simple cleaning tips can help you maintain the beauty and serenity of your bed.

For simple cleaning, a quick hit with the vacuum or a damp cloth should do. For more pernicious stains, don’t be afraid to try mild soap and water or a polyester fabric cleaner (test it on a small, hidden spot first). And for a full restart, our bed frames can be professionally steam cleaned.

Maintain the integrity of your bedroom and easily keep your bed frame in a clean, cozy space. We designed our bed frames to be life-friendly, and easy cleaning is woven right into our fabric. As ever, if you have particular product questions, don’t be afraid to get in touch!

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