An Unparalleled Experience

We have redefined the traditional concept of bed frames by utilizing high-density foam and premium upholstery fabrics to create a soft, cloud-like experience, contrary to the stiff and bulky designs found in today's market.

SoftFrame® bed frames are lightweight and even more beautiful in person, made from 100% soft surfaces - no wood or hard surfaces.

All pieces arrive fully assembled and are ready to use upon delivery. Simply place your SoftFrame® bed frame over-and-around your box-spring - your mattress rests on top!

Our patented design transforms the traditional functionality of the bed frame. Ultra soft, cozy and durable. Ouchless and protective with no hard surfaces that your toes and shins will love!

Find Your Perfect Match


5" thick ultra cushioned sides


3.5" thick soft rounded sides


2.5" thick space conscious sides

Ordering is as easy as 1, 2, 3...


Select the same size as your mattress and box-spring set (required & not included)


Select your favorite fabric from our luxurious collection


Provide the height of your box-spring (required & not included)

If you do not have a box-spring yet, check our guide below to see which height would best match your bedrooms vibe!

Customize the depth of your bed


5" - 6" will create the most sunken set-up and low profile appearance


6.5" - 7.5" offers a semi-sunken appearence with a taller height


8" - 9" is the industries standard box-spring height and our best seller

Featuring: Luna Set in White
The editors of Architectural Digest have spoken - and the verdict is in.

"SoftFrame feels like a total bedroom refresh—the thick plush concept has transformed my room into a cocoon-like domain...The soothing texture and coziness level of 11/10 have convinced me that I’ve finally unlocked the Danish concept of hygge in my home–it’s like sleeping atop a floating cloud. I’d recommend SoftFrame to anyone and will be annoyingly finding ways to weave this slice of home luxury into conversations in the near future, as I’m officially a believer." - Collier Sutter