About Us

A Note From Heidi

Growing up the child of a traveling nurse, I became all too acquainted with the challenges of relocation and developed a strong sense of the essentials and what's truly important along the way.

When I settled in Los Angeles, I found that the traditional bed setup was not practical for an urban space. Traditional bed frames are heavy, hard, bulky, require delivery trucks, assembly, and often hurt toes. I knew there had to be a better way.

I started SoftFrame® on Etsy, and quickly gained a devoted following. Thanks to the adventurous spirit of those early adopters, I took the leap and launched the website.

Today, SoftFrame® Designs has completely reinvented the traditional bed frame. We've replaced hard wood and upholstered wood bed frames with a soft, all-cushioned, all-foam construction that encompasses style, ease of use, and keeps your toes happy.

We’re Ushering In a New Era of Toe-Friendly Bed Frames

We've all been there. You wake in the middle of the night to carefully navigate your dark bedroom for a glass of water. Suddenly,  you slam your toes or shins right into the corner of your bed frame. Talk about a rude awakening. 

But what if you could eliminate that risk entirely? It’s easy to accept the status quo, but history shouldn't constrain us to outmoded approaches when they’re overdue for reinvention.

Forget everything you think you know about bed frames.

SoftFrame Designs® transcends the traditional to deliver beauty, functionality, and sensibility in one meticulously crafted piece. With ultra-soft, high-density foam, we’ve made the traditional bed frame obsolete. 

Our fully assembled bed frames not only make for stunning centerpieces. They also offer unparalleled ease when it comes time for setup and transportation. So matter where life takes you, your bed frame can follow.