Bed frame makers have been asleep for too long

Woman Playing With Dog on a White Upholstered Bed Frame

Sometimes it’s easy to accept the status quo, with the reasoning of, “well that’s just the way it’s always been.” Sure, sometimes embracing a traditional approach is sufficient, but when it comes to bed frames, the traditional has now been surpassed by the revolutionary. The SoftFrame bed frame is a concept that transcends the typical.

This is the marriage of beauty, functionality, and sensibility. By meticulously hand-crafting a frame with ultra-soft, high-density foam, the hard surface bed frame is now quite outdated. Inspired by the modern aesthetic of Denmark, the lightweight SoftFrame bed frame is the antithesis of bulky and stiff – seamlessly fitting over and around a standard box spring.

And, we’re driven by responsible design – meaning, as a woodless frame, we’re not adding to the issue of deforestation, and we maintain a smaller carbon footprint by reducing transportation weight.

So, while you gain unprecedented protection, there is no sacrifice of beauty, and you’re afforded superior comfort.

Imagine getting a drink of water at night without fear of a harmful shin collision when going back to bed.

Envision a refined, gorgeous style that elevates any bedroom.

Appreciate a fully assembled solution that eliminates future moving frustration.

This is the SoftFrame bed frame, the evolved way to style your bed.

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