Find Your Perfect SoftFrame Designs Bedroom Setup With Our Quiz!

Take Our Bedroom Aesthetic Quiz to Uncover Your Ideal SoftFrame® Designs Picks

We're so excited you're interested in our SoftFrame® Designs collections! Finding the perfect bed frame or headboard can effortlessly revitalize your bedroom, and upgrading these essentials is one of the easiest ways to create a restful oasis. Whether you're looking to replace an old set or find your first bed frame, discovering the right fit will elevate your whole room.

We know that bed frames and headboards come in so many shapes, sizes, and styles. Sifting through the options can get overwhelming! That's why we created this fun little bedroom aesthetic quiz to help narrow things down to the best options that suit your space and personality.

No need to stress about finding the "right" answers here. Consider this a low-pressure way to gain clarity on which of our high-quality, thoughtfully designed pieces could be your perfect match.

Ready to find your SoftFrame® soulmate? Let's get started!

Step 1: Find Your Items

This might be the easiest step of all: determining which items you’re looking to bring into your space.

Quiz question asking if you are looking for a bed frame and a headboard
A question asking what you dislike most about your current bedroom setup
A quiz question asking if you currently own a box spring

If you chose mostly As, shop our bed frames.

If you chose mostly Bs, shop our headboards.

If you chose mostly Cs, shop our bed frame and headboard sets.

If you chose mostly Ds, shop our pillows.

Step 2: Choose a SoftFrame® Collection

Each collection at SoftFrame® Designs has its own unique style. No matter your aesthetic, there's a collection that aligns with your vision.

A quiz question that asks what vibe you want your bedroom to have
A quiz question asking how much space you want your bed to take up
A quiz question asking what your ideal price point is

If you chose mostly As, shop our Luna collection.

If you chose mostly Bsshop our Ultra collection.

If you chose mostly Cs, shop our Classic collection.

If you chose mostly Ds, shop our Kid's collection.

Our Classic collection embodies timeless elegance with its clean, sleek lines and neutral palette. For those wanting a modern edge, our Luna collection features bold curves. And our Ultra collection exudes refined simplicity with its careful attention to minimalism.

Learn more about how to choose the best bed frame for your space.

Step 3: Pick a Color

Color can be one of the most powerful design elements when creating your ideal bedroom environment. The hues you choose for your walls, bedding, furnishings, and decor set the tone for the whole space. Determining your goals for the color scheme early on will help guide you to a bedroom that reflects your spirit.

A quiz question asking what you ideal color scheme for your bedroom is

Match your answer to one of our fabrics:

  • A: White
  • B: Boucle
  • C: Moon
  • D: Dune
  • E: Toast
  • F: Charcoal
  • G: Onyx

Now, Share Your Results!

Thank you for taking the time to find your perfect match! Now that you have your unique combination of results, feel free to share this bedroom aesthetic quiz with friends or on your socials.

We hope we've provided helpful insight into which products align best with your needs and style. With so many luxurious designs to choose from, narrowing down the options can be a challenge. But now you're on the right track to finding a bed frame, headboard, or pillow that will effortlessly elevate your sleep sanctuary.

And if you need any guidance as you make this exciting design decision for your bedroom, our team is always happy to help! We look forward to helping you create a space filled with comfort, beauty, and joyful rest.

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