how to choose a bed frame

How to Choose a Bed Frame

Your bedroom should be a source of endless comfort, and SoftFrame® Designs emphasizes this sentiment across all our products. By considering aspects like function, style, comfort and beyond, we want to help you choose the perfect bed frame by emphasizing its importance to your sleeping space. After all, sleep is essential to your health and wellness, and a cozy bedroom is step one in achieving complete relaxation. 

When setting up a bedroom, a bed frame is a crucial consideration. A well-designed, quality setup helps define your sleeping space. While it is undeniable that searching for a great mattress is important, finding the perfect accompaniment in the form of a bed frame is non-negotiable. Let’s dive into how to choose a perfect bed frame!

Define Your Needs

The first step in selecting proper bedroom furniture is identifying what needs you have for the room. By defining needs first, you can better understand what limitations and options you will have for selecting a bed frame. Considering aspects like cost, space and design are all important. Take a look at some points below:

1. Budget 

One of the first things to think about when choosing a new bed frame is your budget. Of course, there is a wide range of prices that quality bed frames cost, from a few hundred dollars to thousands. We recommend setting aside roughly $500 to $1000 to ensure you are getting a reputable, well-made and long-lasting frame. We believe that budget shouldn’t exclude you from the best options, and that’s why SoftFrame® beds are under $1000 but offer the sleek appearance and quality of bed frames that cost five thousand dollars or more!

2. Space

Another clear aspect when selecting a bed frame is how much space your bedroom will allow. While the bed is the focal point of any bedroom, most people don’t want their room to feel like it has no space for anything else. That’s why, no matter what size your bed is, you will want to measure and make sure your frame still allows for moving around. Here, a minimalist bed frame is your best friend. A bed frame should anchor your bed to the space and not make it feel stuffy. Not to mention, a clunky, immobile frame makes cleaning and moving much more difficult. Fortunately, SoftFrame® has slim options like the Classic for space-conscious buyers. 

3. Design

Design can’t be ignored when deciding what you need from your bed frame. We recommend a neutral, minimalist design that fits many spaces. That way, your bed frame can last you through moves, renovations and other interior updates. Beyond looks, your bed frame should be functional, cozy and simple. Life-friendly bed frames are easy to set up, easy to move and easy to achieve total relaxation.

4. Materials and Safety

The bed frame materials go hand-in-hand with design. Historically, many bed frames used wood and/or metal to accompany the mattress. These materials, however, have drawbacks: namely that they are rigid, heavy, uncomfortable and potentially unsafe (anyone who has ever stubbed a toe on the corner of their bed has learned this the hard way!) We at SoftFrame® Designs have reimagined and reinvented what a bed frame can be. Our bed frames are comfortable, convenient and safe—for kids, pets and toes alike—and still achieve the important task of anchoring your bed in your space.

How to Choose a Bed Frame

Now that we have taken a look at potential limitations, let’s get to how to choose a bed frame. Beyond needs, when considering an investment in bedroom furniture, you should also make sure you are getting a product you really want. After all, your bed frame is something that you will look at and interact with every single day! In that interest, we’ve put together a few other considerations when choosing a frame to match your bed and bedroom.

1. Dream Big for your Dream Room

We spend about one-third of our time sleeping, and that makes the bedroom a core space in any home. SoftFrame® Designs believes you should want to look at your bedroom, even better: you should be inspired by your space! Make your bedroom your dream room, a cozy respite in a hectic world. So many bed frames feel cold or isolating with stiff construction; SoftFrame® makes staycation-ready bed frames inspired by the modernist style of Denmark and Italy that brighten up every day of the week. We believe in crafting the protective, cozy and luxurious bedroom you can’t wait to sleep in.

2. Accessible Style

It can be so difficult to find furniture that is well-made, functional and reasonably priced. Not to mention, styles change and finding something that will hold up both physically and visually is a true challenge. Our bed frames look great in a variety of spaces, are built for years of comfort and, at under $1000, cost a fraction of what others charge. 

3. Beauty in Simplicity

Just like you, we at SoftFrame® prioritize easy, life-friendly designs that spruce up your space without added work. That means no complicated assembly, no unwieldy deliveries or trips to the store, and no pain, poking or problems! Purchasing furniture shouldn’t be a headache, that’s why our frames come fully assembled, right out of the box. The clean edges and soft surfaces are easy to set up: simply slip your bed frame right over your box spring or foundation, and then you’re ready for relaxation.

4. Relax, We’ve Got You Covered

Whether you have kids, pets or just want to keep your own toes and shins ouchfree, SoftFrame® bed frames are designed for real life—not just the life you see in magazines. As simple and stylish as our products may be, they are also safe and solid. With easy-to-clean, durable fabrics that match any space, SoftFrame® is here to maintain your bedroom as a safe, cozy space. And if you have any questions, we’re here to help!

The Best Minimalist Bed Frame

Now that you’re fully apprised of all the factors to consider when choosing a bed frame, let’s take a look at the best options. We at SoftFrame® have reinvented the bed frame, prioritizing soft, stylish and safe choices that will be your Monday salvation. SoftFrame® Designs offers three unique bed frame styles and a children’s collection to suit your needs. Selecting the best minimalist bed frame is as easy as deciding which best fits your space, your bed size and your existing box spring or foundation height. Learn more about each below:

Our most profound and luxurious model, the SoftFrame® Designs Ultra Bed Frame is great for larger spaces and maximum comfort.

With a distinct and curvy design, the Luna creates the stylish illusion that you are floating up with the moon and the stars.

Similar in spirit, to our Ultra Bed Frame, the Classic is our most space-conscious and sleek bed frame—a true minimalist’s dream!

Based on the Luna, our Children’s bed frame is perfect for making your little ones’ rooms cozy, safe and dreamlike.

Achieve Endless Comfort

Now that we’ve shared our secrets on how to choose a bed frame, the only decision left is which one is right for you! SoftFrame® Designs' cutting-edge comfort and minimalist style make every day brighter. Check out our full line of bed frames, headboards and bolsters, and turn your bedroom into your dream room today! 

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