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Box Spring 101: How to Choose a Box Spring for Your SoftFrame® Bed

Creating the bed of your dreams can be a challenge. But you can make the process a little bit easier by understanding the ins and outs of choosing the right box spring.

From finding the most comfortable height to achieving the aesthetic you’re after, learn more about how to choose the right box spring to pair with your bed frame.

What is a Box Spring?

A box spring is a base made to provide added support between your bed frame and your mattress. Typically, box springs are a simple metal or wooden box with many coils inside. The coils are then covered in a protective, breathable fabric.

Box springs not only provide support for your mattress, but they also help increase airflow, regulate temperature, add bounce, and prolong the life of your mattress.

What Are the Different Types of Box Springs?

There are several different box spring styles available depending on your chosen bed frame.


Standard box springs are typically about 9 inches tall and designed to provide a stable, supportive base for spring mattresses. Many bed frames, including most metal, wooden, and upholstered styles are compatible with a standard box spring. This type of box spring increases airflow and adds height to your mattress, making it more comfortable to get into and out of bed.


Low-profile box springs are similar to standard box springs but with one key difference: their height. Low-profile box springs are typically between 4 and 6 inches tall, creating a contemporary, subtle look. Because they are smaller, low-profile box springs are also lighter in weight than their standard counterparts. They also keep your mattress lower to the ground—making them perfect for children or those of shorter stature.

Box Springs with Legs

Some box springs are constructed with legs attached, eliminating the need for a separate bed frame. This type of box spring helps you minimize furniture pieces and provides enough all-in-one support that you can simply place your mattress on top. It does, however, limit your aesthetic options as not all headboards are compatible with this box spring style.

Floating Box Springs

Floating beds and box springs are those that have the illusion of no legs. Some designs place the legs closer to the center of the bed frame, hiding the legs from view. Other designs like SoftFrame bed frames go over and around a box spring, creating a sleek, more elevated feel.

How to Choose a Box Spring For Your SoftFrame® Bed

Each SoftFrame® Designs collection has been purposefully designed to disguise your box spring for a more minimal look and to protect you from accidental bumps.

Ultra Collection

The Ultra Collection has sharp, clean lines and a square shape that evokes Scandinavian-style interiors. With 5 inches of high-density foam, it is the most plush, cushioned style from SoftFrame® Designs.

The Ultra Bed Frame is compatible with the widest range of box spring styles and can be paired with box springs ranging from 5 to 9 inches in height. This versatility allows you to achieve both a standard and low-profile look. Depending on the height of the box spring selected, your mattress may sink into the frame for a sunken bed look. For example, a 9-inch box spring will line up perfectly with the 9-inch side rails, providing a standard look. However, a 5-inch box spring will allow the mattress to sink in about 4 inches, creating a sunken bed aesthetic. However, adjustable and non-standard box springs are incompatible with this collection.

Luna Collection

Drawing inspiration from the graceful, curved shape of the moon, the Luna Bed Frame and headboard have organic, rounded edges and a softer overall look than the Ultra Collection.

The Luna Bed Frame can be paired with a standard box spring or box spring with legs anywhere between 7 and 9 inches in height. Depending on the box spring height, you can achieve either a standard look with a 9-inch box spring or a slightly sunken mattress look with a 7-inch box spring. Like the Ultra Collection, it isn't compatible with adjustable or non-standard box springs.

Classic Collection

The Classic Collection combines the best design elements from both the Ultra and Luna collections. With a rectangular shape similar to the Ultra, it’s a better option for those with minimal space due to the thickness.

Like the Luna, the Classic Bed Frame is compatible with standard box springs or box springs with legs between 7 and 9 inches in height and incompatible with adjustable and non-standard box springs. A 9-inch box spring will provide a standard profile, while a 7-inch box spring will create a subtle sunken mattress effect.

How to Set Up Your Box Spring and SoftFrame® Bed

No matter which box spring height you choose, setting up your box spring, SoftFrame® Designs bed frame, and mattress is simple. Made from high-density foam and resilient, high-quality fabric, SoftFrame® Designs bed frames arrive fully assembled and ready to use.

Once your box spring is in the proper position, place your SoftFrame® Designs bed frame over and around the box spring. Ensure the SoftFrame® Designs logo tag is facing the ceiling. Then, place the mattress on top. This creates a protective and cozy space for a modern design aesthetic—without sacrificing comfort or support. Once the mattress is in place, you can add sheets, a duvet cover, and any other desired bedding to create your perfect bed!

Explore SoftFrame® Designs bed frames today to find a new piece for your space that perfectly blends form and function.

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