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Sustainable Bedroom Furniture the SoftFrame® Way

As much as we at SoftFrame® Designs care about crafting furniture that creates a cozy dream bedroom, we also care about crafting furniture that isn’t harmful to our planet. To us, sustainability begins with thoughtful design and means so much more than just material use and manufacturing. It means that we produce beds that are well-made, easy to move, timeless, and life-friendly. After all, a bed frame that you actually want to keep for years is far more sustainable than one that gets replaced when it goes out of fashion or becomes too difficult to move!

Let’s take a look at the various factors that contribute to SoftFrame® Designs’ sustainable bedroom furniture.

Materials and Manufacturing

There’s no doubt about it: the raw materials and manufacturing processes used in production for anything are crucial considerations when the goal is sustainability.


SoftFrame® Designs uses CertiPUR-US foam in all of its bed frames and products to ensure the highest quality and lowest impact filling. Tested by independent laboratories, these foams meet emissions, content, and durability standards that help ensure you can feel good about what's inside your bed. This is the same foam used in car seats for infants, so you can rest assured in its safety. In addition, our polyester and polyester-blend fabrics are all sourced in Los Angeles, CA to cut down on emissions and stimulate local makers, including a careful selection of materials and suppliers.


We don’t outsource labor to large factories, use heavy wood, or cut down forests. All products are handcrafted at our workshop and delivered directly to you, from us, with gratitude. This helps cut down on unnecessary shipping emissions and promotes safer, more sustainable labor practices.


Beyond the benefit of sourcing and producing our furniture in LA, we also have a more eco-friendly approach to customer shipments than large, bulky, and heavy bed frames. Because our packaged frames are significantly lighter weight and much more spatially efficient than other bed frames, our product shipments are potentially able to take less of a toll on the environment.

Easy to Move Furniture That Lasts

So often when we think of sustainability, we’re thinking of the production and delivery of goods. But as we mentioned, we want you to fill your bedroom with furniture you will love and live with for a long time. Sustainably minded furniture makers like SoftFrame® Designs create furniture for the long term. Check out why our beds are built to last:

Timeless Design

SoftFrame® bed frames look good if we say so ourselves. Our minimalist bed frame design is gorgeous and modern, with neutral tones that fit the look of any bedroom. Even when you find yourself changing the look of other parts of your room, we’re confident your SoftFrame® bed is a piece that you’ll be proud to design around for years.

Easy To Move

If you are a renter or live in a high rise apartment, we understand how difficult it can be to move bulky furniture. We’ve all been there: The moving truck is full and there’s just no space for that rigid, space-consuming piece. That’s why our design is so ideal. Our frames are lightweight and have no rigid surfaces, so fitting it in a move is no problem at all, meaning you can keep your bed as your living situation changes.


Did we mention that we love our customers? As your needs change and grow with you, our bed frames remain the perfect constant. Did you get a pet? Cats and dogs love our comfortable design. Expecting a child? Our protective furniture is soft and safe for kids of all ages! Are you experiencing less mobility or just want to protect yourself a bit more? Our low profile design is not only safe, but it also doesn’t jut out into your bedroom space. We know that you have enough going on, so SoftFrame® Designs makes a dream room easy.

Choose a Sustainable Furniture Company

We’re a homegrown small business owned and operated by women, and we believe that the future of furniture is built by companies who care. We at SoftFrame® Designs care a whole lot, so that’s why we take making sustainable furniture seriously. We source materials locally and craft our furniture right here in LA. Our shipping processes help curb the space and weight that other manufacturers may use. And best of all, we’re built for the long haul: Our bed frames look beautiful, require no assembly, and create cloud-like comfort for every bedroom.

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