A SoftFrame Design bed frame in a high rise apartment with the ocean and sky in the window

SoftFrame® Designs: The Perfect High Rise Furniture

Whether you have lived, plan to live, or currently live in a high rise apartment, we at SoftFrame® Designs understand the unique challenges that come with furnishing such spaces. Limitations such as less square footage, vertical living, and the need for multi-purpose furniture can all impact the best choices for furniture. And that’s not even mentioning how difficult it can be to get furniture from the ground floor all the way to your apartment or condo.

In this guide, we will explore the concept of high rise living and discuss the importance of choosing the perfect furniture to optimize ease of use (and delivery), space, and functionality in these unique living spaces. After all, what’s the point of having a room with a view if you don’t have a wonderful piece of furniture to enjoy it from?

Challenges of High Rise Living

While we all want to live out our Carrie Bradshaw apartment fantasies, the realities of living even a few floors up in an apartment building or condo complex often come with unique challenges. While Carrie may have only paid $700 per month for her incredible digs, these days you’d be hard-pressed to rent much more than a claw-foot tub for that much money. That’s to say, space in a high rise comes at a premium, and so challenges like storage, moving furniture, and more must be considered.

Space and Storage Limitations

No matter where you live, space can be a blessing and a curse. However, in a high rise apartment or condo, space is especially hard to come by and it’s expensive. The cost of even humble 500 square foot spaces can exceed $3000 per month depending on where you live. That means selecting furniture that is space conscious is paramount.

With limited space comes limited storage. Additionally, clutter and out-of-place belongings can be especially noticeable in smaller spaces. Finding dual- or multi-functional pieces and other storage solutions can help you store things in plain sight. Avoiding clutter can help make your space feel larger and more open.

Difficulty Moving Furniture

You don’t have to be a professional mover to know how difficult it can be to get furniture into an apartment. It feels like these days there are two common options, and neither of them are particularly enjoyable for high rise living.

  • Pre-assembled furniture that is big and bulky: This option has the advantage of not needing to be assembled, but the size and rigidity of such furniture means you often need professional help, large cargo elevators or other solutions to move it.
  • Furniture that needs to be assembled: Furniture popularized by companies like Ikea may come in a smaller package that can be brought into a high rise home, but the headache of setting it up can lead to frustration and time-loss.

Generic Furnishings

Often by practical nature, the furnishings and designs of rentals or condos are somewhat repetitive. The fixtures and paint and flooring may not be exactly what you would choose for your space. That’s why it is so important to impart your personal style and design inspiration where you can. Pieces of furniture, decor, and layout are all areas through which you can make a potentially generic space feel like home.

How to Buy Furniture for a High Rise

We don’t mean to brag, but there are few if any pieces of beautiful, functional furniture that are more well-suited for high rise living than SoftFrame® Designs beds. Our bed frames are shipped right to your door in a package that is easy to move. Then, setting it up is as easy as unboxing and placing it over your box spring or foundation. There are no annoying assembly processes, no giant rigid pieces to move, and no help is needed!

But don't take our word for it, there are dozens and dozens of customer videos displaying how a SoftFrame® bed can be set up in seconds. Because our design is simply constructed with foam and fabric, the bed frame setup process needs no experience, no tools and no expertise!

Perfect Fit

Not only does SoftFrame® make furniture with moving into high rise apartments and condos in mind, but we also have a variety of options depending on your space needs. Have a smaller bedroom space or a studio? Opt for our Classic bed frame to save space! Want to show off cozy cloud-like comfort? Choose our Luna frame! And if you have more space and want the ultimate luxurious experience, then the Ultra frame is for you!

And that’s just the base frame design: each and every piece from SoftFrame® is unique. You can dial in other aspects like box spring height, bed size and fabric! We take pride in our gorgeous fabrics, and our colors and materials are crafted to fit the needs of any bedroom. Don’t believe us? Check out what Architectural Digest had to say about it!

SoftFrame® Designs: The Perfect High Rise Furniture

There’s something so inspiring about a high rise apartment: it beams independence and aspiration. We at SoftFrame® Designs want to help you live your best life. When moving to or living in an apartment or condo, we hope to inspire your furniture choices, because we make life-friendly furniture that you can live and grow with!

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