A SoftFrame bed frame in the clouds.

How SoftFrame® Designs Perfected Sleeping On a Cloud

There’s nothing quite as fluffy, soft, and appealing as sleeping on a cloud. While that goal isn’t quite attainable, there’s another option that is the next best thing: feeling surrounded by a cloud with a SoftFrame® Designs bed frame.

These 100% cushion bed frames are thoughtfully designed to create a serene environment that puts you at ease around your bed.

What is a SoftFrame® Designs Bed Frame?

SoftFrame® Designs bed frames are all-cushioned, upholstered bed frames with a sleek, Scandinavian-inspired aesthetic. And while upholstered bed frames come in many shapes and sizes, sleeping on a SoftFrame® bed frame is especially indulgent. These cozy, innovative bed frames fit perfectly over your box spring to create a protective and comfortable space, allowing you to move around your bed without the fear of stubbed toes. You can even pair their bed frame with a matching headboard made with 100% plush foam to create 360° degrees of cushioning around your bed.

It isn’t just the 100% foam design that sets SoftFrame® bed frames apart. A few things in particular elevate these bed frames beyond most traditional wooden styles. 

Exclusive All Cushioned Design

One of the biggest reasons that SoftFrame® bed frames make it feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud is the sheer amount of plush cushion used. While traditional upholstered wood bed frames only have approximately half an inch of cushioning, SoftFrame® Designs bed frames have an impressive five inches of protective foam. This design approach—with 10 times more cushioning—creates a plush, indulgent, and cloud-like oasis around your bed.

Health-Safe Materials

While the amount of cushioning certainly makes a SoftFrame® Designs bed feel cloud-like, the quality of the materials used also creates a feel-good atmosphere. Each SoftFrame® Designs headboard and bed frame is made exclusively with CertiPUR-US® certified foam that is free of harmful chemicals and toxins and can actually help to improve indoor air quality. 

Ouch-less, Happy Toes

All SoftFrame® bed frames are constructed to fit perfectly over your box spring and designed to eliminate sharp corners, rough edges, and hard surfaces. This twice-patented design transforms the functionality of the bed frame and offers an ouch-less alternative to traditional upholstered and wooden bed frames. As a result, you won’t have to worry about stubbed toes, bruised shins, or any other mishaps. That means that your bed not only feels soft as a cloud when you’re sleeping but is equally plush as you navigate around corners and edges in the dark of night.

Luxurious Fabric

Each SoftFrame® Designs bed frame is finished with a beautiful, resilient fabric. From linen-look to ultra-cozy boucle, you can choose from versatile fabrics to complete the bed frame of your dreams. With fabrics from pure White to sandy Dune to black Onyx, you’re sure to find the perfect match for your aesthetic and decor. However, if the traditional color options don't appeal to you, we also offer a kid’s collection featuring playful fabrics.

No matter which fabric you choose, each textile blends the best of form and function. The high-quality material is soft to the touch to make it feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud, but also durable and resilient to ensure they stand the test of time.

Finding the Perfect SoftFrame® Bed Frame

SoftFrame® Designs has three distinct collections, allowing everyone to find the perfect bed frame for their space. The Ultra, Luna, and Classic collections each have all of the same benefits—from five inches of soft foam to high-quality fabrics—so that you can experience exactly what it’s like to sleep on a cloud no matter your interior style. Whether you love the bed frame on its own or prefer the headboard and bed frame set, any SoftFrame® bed frame you choose will elevate your nightly sleep experience. 

Discover each SoftFrame® Designs collection to find your favorite style.

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