The Ultra bed frame by SoftFrame Designs in decorated room featuring a cow print rug

What Is a Soft Bed Frame And Why Is It Better?

Bed frames are a bedroom staple. Designed to not only improve the aesthetics of the space, bed frames also support your mattress and allow it to breathe, and make getting in and out of bed easier. While classic wooden and metal bed frames are commonly found in most bedrooms, there is another bed frame alternative that will instantly elevate not only your interior but also your sleep quality: soft bed frames.

What is a Soft Bed Frame From SoftFrame® Designs?

A SoftFrame® bed frame is a reimagination of classic wooden and metal bed frames. Instead of being constructed from hard, angular materials, SoftFrame® Designs soft bed frames are made from high-density foam and ultra-soft, plush upholstery. The result is a lightweight design that easily fits on top of your existing box spring, providing only soft surfaces and a sophisticated look that elevates your bedroom.

What Are the Benefits of a SoftFrame® Bed Frame?

Created and patented by SoftFrame® Designs CEO Heidi Petzold, these soft bed frames strike the perfect balance between form and function to deliver an array of benefits.

Comfortable and Cozy

One of the biggest benefits of a SoftFrame® Designs bed frame is the plush, luxurious upholstery. This indulgent design detail creates a calming bedroom oasis and helps you relax and power down when it’s time to go to sleep.

The soft design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical—you no longer have to worry about bumping your shin against sharp edges or stubbing your toe on frame legs. All of the supports for the bedframe are hidden beneath the ultra-light foam, creating a safe and serene atmosphere.

Easy to Install

Unlike traditional wooden and metal bed frames that often require complex and time-consuming assembly, soft bed frames are ready to use in just a few simple and stress-free steps. The entire SoftFrame® bed frame arrives fully assembled and ready to use. Simply place the frame over your existing box spring, add your mattress and bedding, and your bedroom has been transformed. It’s that easy.


Many sleek, Scandinavian-inspired bed frames can cost thousands of dollars. But luckily, not all stylish bed frames come with such a sky-high price tag. SoftFrame® Designs bed frames come in a wide range of price points to ensure they’re as accessible as possible. They’re also available to purchase as a headboard, bedframe, or combo of the two, allowing anyone to find a stylish solution for their space that works within their budget.

What Are the Different Types of SoftFrame® Bed Frames?

SoftFrame® Designs soft bed frames are available in three different styles: Ultra, Luna, and Classic.


The Ultra Collection is a timeless option that is perfect for those who have mid-century modern tastes. The platform-style bed has a square shape and is available with a matching headboard to complete the look. Like all SoftFrame® Designs, it’s also available in several luxurious fabrics, allowing you to customize the final look and bring your dream bedroom to life.


The Luna line offers a softer style. The rounded bed frame has crescent curves that create a relaxing, calming environment. The matching half-moon headboard frames the bed, resulting in a minimal and playful design that opens up your space. You can even create a floating bed effect by pairing the Luna with a standard metal frame under your box spring. Choose from plush white boucle fabric, dark and luxe onyx polyester, or any of our other soft fabrics in between.


The Classic Collection features a space-saving, squared platform design with a rectangular headboard. The sleek combination delivers an upgrade for any bedroom that is equally modern and timeless. Made from the same premium foam and upholstery as the Ultra and Luna collections, the Classic bed frame is perfect for those who prefer a minimal, modern look.

Finding the Perfect SoftFrame® Bed For Your Home

While SoftFrame® bed frames elevate your interiors, their benefits also far outweigh simple aesthetics. Designed to create a safer, cozier, and more practical bedroom, SoftFrame® Designs bed frames have transformed traditional bed frames, updating this often impractical piece of furniture.

To experience the benefits for yourself, explore SoftFrame® Designs’ extensive offering of bed frames, headboards, and matching pillows that will transform how you think about your space. Adding one of these stylish designs will transport you to a serene, Scandinavian-inspired oasis every time you step into your room.

Explore SoftFrame®'s designs today to find the perfect fit for your space.

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