A SoftFrame bed frame and headboard in green in bedroom that was refreshed and decorated for spring

Out with the Old, In with the Fresh: A Spring Home Decor Reboot

The birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and daylight streams further into our homes - spring has sprung! As nature comes back to life before our eyes, now is the perfect time to revive your home with a spring refresh.

Embrace the spring spirit by infusing bright, nature-inspired accents and shedding stale winter energy. Unpack that extra throw blanket, roll up the area rug, and fluff those pillows - it's time to freshen your space into a sanctuary that welcomes longer, warmer days.

Follow these 10 tips to effortlessly refresh your home for spring using decor and organizational tricks that maximize comfort, style, and functionality. With a focus on responsible design, we'll cover refresh ideas perfect for family-friendly spaces or for those wanting an elevated oasis.

1. Clear Out the Clutter

As temperatures warm, decluttering creates space for the literal and metaphorical breath of fresh air your home needs. Sort through each room and donate, sell, or recycle items you no longer need. Having less clutter instantly makes your home feel cleaner and more spacious.

2. Rearrange, Replace, and Clean Furnishings

With a blank canvas, try playing interior designer and rearranging furnishings to switch up the flow of a room. Replace broken furniture and thoroughly clean upholstered pieces and bedding. Wash walls, windows, and floors until your space sparkles.

3. Welcome Natural Elements

Spring is the perfect season to welcome nature's renewable energy into your home. Display fresh floral arrangements and indoor potted plants such as air-purifying peace lilies or chic succulents. Let breezes inside by opening windows whenever possible.

4. Update Entryways and Patios

As seasons change outdoors, refresh indoor entryways and outdoor living spaces. Swap winter door mats for spring designs and hang a wreath with natural elements like flowers or feathers. Freshen up outdoor areas with new patio pillows and table linens in cheerful hues and patterns beckoning alfresco enjoyment.

5. Brighten With Fresh Paint or Wallpaper

Infuse bold spring style by painting an accent wall showcasing flowers, organic shapes or an energizing color like coral. For renters and commitment phobes, removable wallpaper allows for transformative seasonal updates.

6. Soften Up Window Treatments

During spring cleaning, launder or dry clean heavy winter drapes and swap them for breezy sheers, airy linen, or crocheted designs that filter rather than block sunlight. In the bedroom, remove heavy drapes completely and welcome the morning light.

7. Fluff and Layer Bedding

Cozy up your beds and sofas with plush layering and lush textures reminiscent of flowering gardens and verdant nature. Fluff and rearrange pillows and shams to create an ultra-inviting oasis for rest, relaxation, or reading the latest bestseller.

8. Style with Natural Materials and Textures

Natural renewable materials connect us to nature's replenishing spring energy. Style coffee tables, side tables, mantels, and shelves with carved wood pieces, grasscloth-covered boxes, woven baskets, concrete planters, marble trays, or ceramic vases. Display collected shells, stones, feathers, and flowers as organic works of art.

9. Refresh Wall Decor with Mirrors, Art, and Photos

Mirrors instantly double light and visually expand space. Hang an oversized paneled or round mirror as a striking focal piece, or add whimsical sunburst and butterfly mirrors for playful pops of spring. Rotate artwork to keep things fresh, updating themes and color palettes. Print new family photos for updated wall collages commemorating spring memories in the making.

10. Shop Spring Home Refresh Essentials at SoftFrame® Designs

Once you've spruced up your interiors, put the finishing touch on your spring home refresh by browsing SoftFrame® Designs' responsibly crafted collection. Our innovative bed frames and headboards feature an ultra-plush, 100% high-density foam free from hard materials and chemicals. Surround yourself with cloud-like comfort and protection with styles including Classic, Ultra, and Luna. With our spring-forward chic fabrics, our selection allows you to seamlessly incorporate SoftFrame® Designs into spring décor visions from subdued to bold.

By following these handy spring home refresh tips complemented by SoftFrame® Designs' thoughtfully designed offerings (available only on our website!), you can stylishly transition interiors to match nature’s renewal happening just outside your windows.

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