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A Safe Bed for Kids? Check, Check, Check! 4 Must-Know Tips for Bedtime Peace of Mind

Creating a protective and cozy bedroom for your children gives them a space to just be kids. A place they can play and rest without the threat of accidental bumps and bruises. While stylish furniture and accessories are always welcomed, it’s also important to prioritize their safety and well-being in the process—and choosing a safe bed for kids is a must.

Explore our tips and recommendations on how to make your child’s bed and bedroom as safe and playful as possible.

1. Check For Common Hazards

Whether you’re building a new bed frame or double-checking your current design, there are a few easy ways to ensure your child’s bed frame is as safe as possible. Be sure to tighten any loose hardware such as bolts, screws, and locking nuts as they are common in wooden bed frames and may come loose over time and present a choking hazard. Your first step should be to ensure that all hardware is stable, secure, and inaccessible to curious little ones.

Like hardware, bed frames with sharp wooden or metal corners also present a danger that can lead to accidental bumps, bruises, and stubbed toes. Highly-cushioned, upholstered bed frames, like the SoftFrame® bed frames, are made with only plush, high-density foam and finished with soft and resilient fabric, making them the safe and smart alternative to traditional metal or wooden bed frame designs for a child’s room.

No matter the bed frame you choose, gaps between the bed frame and the wall are an additional safety concern. Ensure the frame is either affixed to the wall or secured as closely as possible to prevent trapped fingers or limbs. With a SoftFrame® bed frame, this is never a concern since our innovative bed frames use only soft materials to keep your little ones safe.

Taking these small but simple steps can help prevent accidents and create a safe and serene oasis for children of any age.

2. Follow Assembly Instructions

While some furniture assembly instructions are complicated and time-consuming, it’s important to stick to the outlined steps as closely as possible. Use all of the provided hardware and secure pieces in the proper order to ensure that the bed is stable and durable.

To streamline the assembly process, some bed frames—like SoftFrame® bed frames—require little to no assembly. They don’t require any hardware and take the headache and hassle out of creating a safe space for your kids with the added peace of mind.

3. Use Age-Appropriate Frames and Bedding

Not all bed frames and bedding are appropriate for children of all ages. When first transitioning your child from a crib to a bed, choosing a frame that sits low to the ground is a smart option so they can easily get in and out of bed on their own. It also helps prevent injuries from potential falls if they were to roll out of bed. Because the Ultra bed frame from SoftFrame Designs is 5” thick it can double as a step and a cushion for your toddler getting in and out of bed.

Toddler beds can safely have a fitted sheet, pillow, and light blanket. As your child ages and they are more comfortable sleeping in a regular bed, you can add bedding like comforters, quilts, or bolster pillows to complete their bedroom. No matter the bedding you choose, ensure it is age- and size-appropriate for optimal safety.

4. Prioritize Safer Materials

The material of your bed frame itself can also impact your child’s safety. Certain materials are coated with harmful chemicals that lower indoor air quality and can expose your child to unwanted toxins. Certain designs, like SoftFrame® bed frames, prioritize safer materials to improve the health of not only children but anyone who comes into contact with the design.

SoftFrame® bed frames are made using U.S.-sourced CertiPUR-US® certified foam that is free of phthalates, volatile organic compounds, and formaldehyde. Utilizing foam without harsh chemicals not only makes the bed frame a safer and healthier choice, but it is also more eco-friendly for your child’s bedroom to improve indoor air quality and limit contact with known carcinogens.

Choosing a Safe Bed Frame For Your Little Ones

Finding a safe bed for kids requires several considerations. While safety, comfort, and aesthetics all come into play, there’s one bed frame that offers the best of all worlds: SoftFrame® Designs bed frames.

With a newly released kid’s collection in fun fabrics and three distinct styles, these all-cushioned upholstered bed frames ensure that your little ones are safe around their beds. SoftFrame® bed frames are available as a complete set with an all-cushioned headboard, or you can opt to start with the bed frame only. These timeless frames will ensure many years of playful and restful memories.

Explore SoftFrame® Designs’ kid’s collection, available exclusively on our website, to find a safe and stylish new bed for your little ones.

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