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Ready for a Bedroom Makeover? Here Are 10 Ideas!

When completing home makeovers and renovating rooms, folks often start at the common areas: kitchen, living space, etc. At SoftFrame® Designs we don’t believe the bedroom gets enough love! After all, few—if any—rooms in your home are occupied more. That’s why we’re excited to bring you 10 inspiring bedroom makeover ideas. Best of all? These are for a range of budgets and ambitions, so whether you’re dreaming of changes big or small to your sleeping space, we’ve got you covered.

Why Do A Bedroom Makeover?

As we mentioned, kitchen, living room, and even bathroom makeovers abound; however, the bedroom is often finished quickly and simply. Not that we’re saying simple can't be beautiful (look at our bed frames, after all), just that we believe there is so much space for customization, creativity, and expression in your sleeping space. Above all other rooms, the bedroom is personal and private, so your individuality should truly shine.

Pre-Bedroom Makeover Tips

Before you get started, we have a few helpful tips to make your makeover painless and perfect. From simple preparations to making a budget, these suggestions will keep you on track.

  • Clear the Space: Depending on the degree of your makeover, we recommend clearing your bedroom of anything you know you won’t be keeping. For more intense makeovers that include painting, trimming, etc., we recommend clearing all the furniture from your room to make it easiest. Plus, ridding your space of excess will make it so much easier when you reassemble your room!
  • Makeover Budget: For any project, we find it easiest to make a detailed budget of both your estimated and actual costs. Creating an itemized list of your expected costs, as well as a place to compare your end total helps keep you accountable to the project and reveals opportunities to save money.
  • Ask Questions: Tap into your community, both online and in person. Love someone’s duvet cover? Find out where they got it. Need to hire a painter? Find out who knows the best in your area.
  • Dream and Go For It: This is your chance to achieve the bedroom of your dreams. Whether you just moved or are looking to overhaul your existing space, don’t be shy when doing a bedroom makeover. It’s your space and you should love it!

10 Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Below are 10 of our favorite bedroom makeover ideas for a range of budgets. Whether you want to update your color scheme, swap out some accessories, or design around new furniture, we have the latest and greatest makeover ideas for your bedroom. A bedroom at its core is a place to unwind, rest, and recharge. These ideas will help you do just that!

1. Bring Your Walls to Life

One of the most obvious and versatile changes you can make to your bedroom is upgrading your walls. The reason this is such a venerable upgrade is that there are so many ways to approach the makeover. The walls are a great base from which to build the feel and color scheme of your bedroom, so an updated paint color or a wallpaper accent can establish the tone. Not to mention, decorative wall hangings, new pictures and frames, and other wall adornments give a homey feel to your bedroom.

2. Freshen Up Your Furniture

We might be biased, but we believe that gorgeous, functional furniture is a one-way ticket to a serene and beautiful space. A bedroom is centered around its namesake, so prioritizing an extremely comfortable mattress that fits your space and a coordinating bed frame is a top makeover choice. Our bed frames are minimal and cozy, so they look great in any space and maintain a soothing, calming vibe.

3. Invest in Better Storage

While many rooms feature a closet, older homes, and many apartments don’t feature much storage space in the bedroom. Whether or not you have a functional closet, investing in a quality dresser can make a huge difference in how you keep your space tidy. Even bedside tables can be useful for storing possessions that otherwise might clutter the bed, floor, or other unsightly areas of the bedroom.

4. Prioritize Accessories

A small and easily achievable makeover for the bedroom can be simply upgrading your bedroom accessories. Aspects of your room like wall art, throw blankets and bolster pillows, decor, and other visual changes can bring life to your space. Additions such as a blanket ladder or jewelry tree can be both functional and stylish ways to accessorize your space.

5. Hang Window Treatments

Another simple and quick bedroom makeover is adding treatments to your windows. While simple blinds help add privacy and cut out some light, thoughtfully color-matched curtains lend depth and texture to your walls. Beyond that, they also create additional light blocking and privacy, which can help make your room feel more private and cozy.

6. Upgrade Your Lighting

We’ve all experienced the way-too-bright-and-white “big light” overhead that absolutely eviscerates any type of calm or comfort before bed. We recommend investing in at least a couple of beautiful lamps for your nightstands and replacing the bulbs with something softer and more amber in color. The warm tones and softer light help maintain an appropriate bedtime vibe, and they also provide an opportunity to build on the stylistic scheme of your bedroom.

7. Find a Cozy Rug

Even if you have carpeted bedrooms and especially if you have hard floors, we recommend picking out a supple area rug to occupy some of the floor space in your bedroom. Whether you place the rug where you get ready for bed or in the morning, or if you have it extending around your bed, a coordinated area rug is a stylish way to add texture and comfort to the space.

8. Opt for Better Bedding

Considering that we spend roughly a third of our lives in bed, the fabrics and materials that we come in contact with should be skin-friendly and make us want to crawl in every night. Organic flannels are great for winter, and breezy linens make great summer sets. No matter the material, let your creativity show with your duvet cover and your sheets. After all, this is the centerpiece!

9. Consider the Senses

Beyond touch and sight, choose additions that contribute to pleasing smells and sounds in your bedroom. Live above a noisy street or just can’t stand the silence? Find a sound machine that helps soothe you to sleep. Want to freshen the air or add a touch of fragrance? Purchase an air purifier or an essential oil diffuser.

10. Improve the Layout and Functionality

While all of the above bedroom makeover ideas can help improve your bedroom, an overarching goal when approaching your upgrades should be to improve how you use the space. Whether that means rearranging furniture, investing in life-friendly additions like longer charging cords, or adding a softer bed frame to your life, when you makeover your bedroom, you should ultimately be improving your daily life. Combine different ideas on this list to help you create your dream bedroom!

Bedroom Makeover Recap

Whew! That was a ton of information to go through, but we hope that we’ve given you plenty of inspiration and ideas for your current or future bedroom makeover. No matter if you want to approach a big or small makeover idea, our guide has you covered. In the end, achieving your dream bedroom is all about getting started. And if you happen to need a cozy, functional, and life-friendly bed frame along the way, you know where to find us!

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