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The Most Pet-Friendly Furniture For Each Room in Your House

Decorating and furnishing a home when you have pets can pose unique challenges. From scratches and stains to accidents and excessive shedding, pets can truly do a number on your beautiful furnishings if you don’t choose wisely. The key is finding durable, easy-to-clean furniture made to withstand paws, claws, mud, drool, and everything else your furry friends might throw at it. We’ve put together a guide to some of the most indestructible, pet-friendly furniture for each room in your house.

Living Room

In the main gathering area where your family and pets will likely spend much of their time, you need furnishings made to last. For seating, choose scratch-resistant couches and armchairs made with tightly woven, washable fabrics like microfiber or polyester blends. These materials can stand up to messes, daily wear and tear, and persistent claws without showing damage. Loveseats with removable, machine-washable slipcovers are also excellent options for simplifying cleaning when inevitable accidents happen. In terms of other living room furniture, avoid delicate glass coffee and accent tables which can shatter if accidentally rammed by an excited pup. Opt instead for end tables and storage ottomans made from sturdy wood, metal, or tough acrylic materials.

Dining Room

The dining room endures constant close contact with people and pets at meal times, so focus on furniture able to handle dropped food, drink spills, scrapes, errant claws, and more here. Scratch-resistant chairs with stain-resistant cushions will preserve best through feeding frenzies with multiple pets. For the dining table itself, a style with durable wood construction or scratch-guard leg caps looks chic while protecting even if scrambling feet hit the underside at times. Round pedestal tables hide tempting table legs and resist stains better than most standard varieties. A tablecloth can save a multitude of clean-up troubles too.

Home Office

The rise of working from home means our pets are spending countless additional hours cooped up indoors while we’re typing away. Set up an office space welcoming to animal companions using heavy-duty furnishings able to contend with their antics during long days together. Opt for a supportive desk chair with non-fabric or vegan leather upholstery less prone to attracting hair and simple to clean if accidents strike. Choose a sturdy desk crafted from wood composites or metal over more delicate natural woods and include a washable plastic or woven rug protector mat below to catch the worst intrusions of dirt and debris from playful puppy paws.


Bedrooms need a delicate balance of cozy, inviting decor coupled with resilient surfaces able to withstand resting, playful pets who spend hours in this private room. SoftFrame® Designs’ upholstered bed frames strike this ideal balance beautifully. Our plush padded headboards promote comfort for human occupants without sacrificing longevity or practicality for accommodating pets safely. Our bed frames also provide a nice cushioned step for your furry friends so they don’t hurt their joints. Available in classic versatile fabrics to match most bedroom style, and proudly made with certified CertiPUR-US® foam, our bed frames will allow you to have a pet-friendly bedroom without sacrificing comfort or style. Shop our collection today!

Living harmoniously with animal family members under one roof does require adjusting interior design plans, but the small sacrifices pay off tremendously in fewer headaches over maintaining your space. Prioritizing resilient materials will save countless hours of aggravation later. Combine smart fabric choices with easy-clean surfaces from trusted brands (like SoftFrame® Designs!) for streamlined pet care. Follow these pet-friendly design tips room-by-room and you can lounge comfortably ever after with your furry companions while keeping your home looking fabulous.

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