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9 Types of Bed Frames (And Which Is Right For You)

If you're in the market for a new bed, one of the first things to consider is the type of bed frame. The bed frame is an important foundation that provides support for your mattress and complements your bedroom style. With so many options available, from practical to ornate, it helps to understand the pros and cons of each type of bed frame. Continue reading to discover the best bed frame to meet your needs!

Different Types of Bed Frames

1. Adjustable Bed Frames

Adjustable bed frames allow you to elevate the head or foot of the bed for customized comfort and positional support. Many models come with massage features, USB ports, and under-bed lighting. This type of frame can help conditions like sleep apnea, acid reflux, and swelling in the legs. But be prepared to pay more for the mechanics and features. Adjustable frames also may make some noise when raising or lowering and aren't always compatible with every mattress.

2. Trundle Bed Frames

Trundle bed frames contain a low-profile second bed on rollers or casters that slide underneath the main bed. This versatile design is great for maximizing space in kids' rooms or providing a guest bed. Trundle beds are also fun for sleepovers and movie nights. However, accessing the trundle usually requires lifting the main mattress. And trundle mattresses sit close to the floor, which some people may find uncomfortable.

3. Upholstered Bed Frames

Upholstered bed frames feature padding and fabric upholstery over the frame, often with button tufting or intricate stitching patterns. This elegant style lends a soft, polished look to a bedroom. Upholstered frames dampen noise and protect hardwood floors from scratches. The padding also provides an extra layer of comfort.

4. Four Poster Bed Frames

For a touch of majesty, four poster bed frames feature tall posts rising from each corner to support an ornate headboard and footboard. This imposing style looks elegant and luxurious, perfect for larger master bedrooms. However, the large footprint can make four posters difficult to fit in compact rooms.

5. Bunk Beds

Stacking two twin beds vertically, bunk bed frames are space-savers perfect for kids sharing bedrooms. Many styles come with integrated ladders, guardrails, and safety features. Just keep in mind the potential fall hazard if kids are playing roughly. Adults on the top bunk should be cautious of bumping their heads as it may sit very close to the ceiling.

6. Sleigh Bed Frames

Sleigh bed frames are defined by the shapely headboard and footboard designed to mimic the curve of a sleigh. The elegant silhouette adds style to bedrooms from traditional to modern. Sleigh frames come in a variety of materials like wood, metal, and leather. However, their size and weight make them difficult to move. Additionally, the headboard can block access to part of the wall.

7. Storage Bed Frames

For discreet storage, these bed frames have drawers built right into the base, perfect for keeping extra linens, clothing, and miscellaneous items out of sight. Models with bigger drawers can even accommodate sweaters and other bulky items. Just be aware that access can be tricky depending on the drawer configuration. And with moving parts, the drawers could potentially jam or break over time.

8. Canopy Beds

Nothing feels more glamorous or intimate than a canopy bed enveloped by billowing drapes. The tall, ornate posts support fabric overhead, blocking light and creating a cozy nest. But the size and elaborate styling may overwhelm small bedrooms. Canopy frames tend to be very expensive as well. And dust easily gathers on canopy drapes unless cleaned regularly.

9. The Modern Bed Frame

Upgrade your bedroom with the stylish comfort of SoftFrame® Designs' modern take on the upholstered bed frame. Unlike traditional wooden frames, our innovative design uses your existing box spring as the base for a soft, foam-based frame that effortlessly transforms your space. Simply place the SoftFrame® over your current bed frame, put your mattress on top, and you have a chic, ultra-comfortable bed. The high-density foam construction is not only attractive but also safer and easier to move than other bed frames, making it an especially practical and elegant option for all bedrooms.

Consider a Bed Frame from SoftFrame® Designs

When exploring the range of bed frame options, keep your bedroom size and décor style in mind. Consider features like functionality, comfort, or space-saving capabilities based on your needs. With so many types to discover, you're sure to find the ideal frame to create a stylish, comforting sleep space. Browse our bed frames today and make your bedroom dreams come true!

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