A child giving a Mother’s Day breakfast in bed.

How To Create the Ultimate Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed

Moms do so much for everyone else. When Mother's Day arrives, it's the perfect opportunity to shower your mom with love, appreciation, and a truly unforgettable experience. While timeless gestures like presenting her with a stunning bouquet and a heartfelt card are always cherished, why not go the extra mile this year and surprise her with a lavish Mother's Day breakfast in bed?

Follow these simple steps to pull out all the stops for the mom you love most!

Choose the Perfect Recipes

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so it’s important to choose wisely when picking your approach to breakfast in bed. While you can’t go wrong with breakfast favorites like eggs and bacon or pancakes, consider choosing a more memorable recipe for the occasion.

If Mom has a favorite restaurant breakfast, consider trying to recreate it at home for an extra-special gesture. You can also elevate traditional breakfast foods to make them feel more decadent. Instead of waffles, for example, opt for a Dutch baby with fruit compote. Instead of scrambled eggs, try a frittata or quiche. These easy upgrades make the meal feel more thoughtful than your average, everyday breakfast and will make her feel even more special.

Get the Kids Involved

Make Mother's Day a family affair by getting the kids involved in the celebration. If your children are old enough, consider having them help with the recipe preparation or plating. You can also have them carry the final product in to surprise Mom on Mother’s Day morning, so her breakfast in bed is that much more meaningful.

If your little ones aren’t quite old enough to contribute to the cooking, have them draw a picture or make a DIY card that can accompany the meal. If they’re still too young for writing and coloring, instead frame a beautiful family photo as a gift she can cherish for years to come.

A SoftFrame Designs bed frame.

Don’t Forget the Details

While the meal itself is a gift, adding decorative details to Mom’s breakfast tray will elevate the entire experience. A vase of fresh flowers, freshly brewed coffee with cream, and elegant china and flatware will transform her typical breakfast into a memorable meal. Adding a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift like a plush new headboard doesn’t hurt, either.

Also consider enhancing the ambiance in the bedroom right before meal time. Light a candle, adjust the lighting, and give Mom some time to enjoy herself and indulge in a rare meal by herself.

Once Mother’s Day breakfast in bed is complete, let Mom continue her relaxation. Clean up the kitchen, clear the dishes, and give her a few hours to herself to lounge in bed, read, watch television, or nap.

Prioritize Luxury & Relaxation

Your bedding and bed frame both play a pivotal role in ensuring Mom has an indulgent and serene experience. The night before Mother’s Day, consider upgrading your everyday sheets for a more luxurious set. High-quality Egyptian cotton or satin sheets will help her feel pampered from the moment she slips into bed. A beautiful, upholstered bed frame will also make her bed feel like a relaxing escape.

Adding an upholstered bed frame, like the Ultra bed frame from SoftFrame Designs, can create a more inviting and comfortable space that Mom will appreciate every day of the year.

These plush styles are made with high-quality, 100% CertiPUR-US foam and finished with the finest fabrics to deliver an upscale sleep space. The soft, sloping lines and soft surfaces of SoftFrame Designs® bed frames also make a bedroom feel more cozy than the sharp corners of most other bed frames. The result is a luxurious, calming, and stylish space for Mom where she can relax and enjoy her special day.

Discover SoftFrame Designs® bed frames that Mom is bound to love.


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