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Easy to Move Bedroom Furniture: 7 Pieces That Practically Dance Across the Floor

We’ve all experienced the frustration of trying to shuffle heavy bedroom furniture through a narrow doorway or tight corner. You pull and tug trying to get your bulky dresser into the new layout you envisioned, but it gets stuck or scratched along the way.

Does it have to be this difficult? Not with the right furniture choices! There are plenty of lightweight and mobile options perfect for frequently rearranging rooms while still providing style. Choosing easy to move furniture for your bedroom makes refreshing your space a breeze instead of a dreaded chore.

We’ve rounded up six great pieces designed specifically with mobility and maneuverability in mind. No longer will you dread rearranging your bedroom with these smart picks!

1. The Versatile Foldable Ottoman


One space-saving and lightweight option is the foldable upholstered ottoman bench. This cushy piece folds flat for easy moving and storage when not in use - perfect for smaller bedrooms! But when you need that extra seating for guests or a footrest, it opens with ease.

Upholstered ottomans weigh much less than solid wood benches, and the foldable capability makes them a cinch to carry to any new spot in your evolving room. They come in endless style options too from tufted to smooth and in any color palette. Use one at the foot of your bed for a stylish flexibility that traditional benches just don’t allow.

2. Wheeled Bedside Tables

Ever tried to vacuum under or around bulky nightstands? It’s a chore having to move them over and over. Bedside tables on wheels provide the best of both worlds - stylish bedside storage solutions that easily roll out of the way for cleaning and rearranging.

Glide-wheeled nightstands effortlessly to access the wall behind, reach fallen items, move your lamp to newfound space, or get in tight for outlet access. The mobility means you can experiment with reconfiguring your whole room anytime the mood strikes by smoothly rolling pieces into place. Look for wheeled tables with extra interior storage like shelves and drawers to maximize space.

3. Take Shelving Anywhere With Modular Units

Nothing provides more display and storage flexibility than modular furniture pieces. Block-designed shelving units and cubes are configured in unlimited ways since they don’t require tools or hardware to assemble. Simply rearrange the wooden or woven pieces into any layout your heart desires.

Be as creative in positioning modular shelves vertically, horizontally, or stacked based on the space. Use storage cubes in place of drawers to stash clothing, office supplies, accessories, and anything else you want to neatly contain. Both cubes and shelving easily tote to new spots quickly whenever you want a whole new look. Adapt even the smallest, awkward spaces beautifully.

4. Padded Benches Slide With Ease

An upholstered bench at the end of the bed not only provides a welcoming spot to sit when dressing but instantly glides across the floor anytime you need that space elsewhere or want to refresh the feng shui. Unlike solid wood benches that resist moving, padded ones allow you to easily reposition with a gentle push.

Use a dainty bench to hold folded clothes or extra throw pillows then effortlessly slide it in front of the window when you want to gaze at the scenery. Or stow it vertically against the wall when you need ample square footage for exercising or dancing with carefree mobility. Repositioning is fast, easy, and quiet with padded bench seating.

5. Clear the Floor and Air With Lifted Furniture

Sick of dusty furniture legs that prevent effective cleaning underneath to trap dirt, pet hair, and allergens? Lifted furniture provides ample clearance between pieces and the floor so you can sweep and vacuum completely uninhibited.

Install retractable caster wheels or replace legs with tall metal stands to lift low-profile dressers, media consoles, beds, and other bulky items. Creating visible floor space allows air to properly circulate as well - a plus for improving airflow and easier breathing.

Lifted bedroom furniture guarantees quick, unrestricted access to fully clean floors anytime. But the generous clearance also makes rearranging a total breeze by rolling pieces around freely. All without the strained backs and scratched floors!

6. Multi-Functional Storage For Heavenly Peace of Mind

Few things de-stress faster than organized, clutter-free spaces that save precious time hunting. Multi-functional furniture provides hidden storage options within stylish accent pieces to neatly tuck away items while condensing furnishings.

Storage ottomans, trunks, cabinets, padded benches, and headboards with interior shelves maintain tidy environments while packing up when not actively being used. Sleek designs fit any modern or traditional decor, so rooms maintain fashionable flair even when chock full of your stuff!

The magic truly unfolds when multi-functional storage pieces easily twist, fold down, or wheel away as needed to use their hiding spaces or access the room. Minimalist style meets maximalist functionality and mobility!

7. Luxurious and Lightweight - The SoftFrame® Bed Frame

If you thought finding a bed frame that's both easy to set up AND easy to move was impossible, welcome to SoftFrame® Designs. Our innovative bed frames check all the boxes for mobility while providing luxury style at a fraction of the price of other brands. Our ready-to-use, out-of-the-box bed frames require zero tools to assemble and you won’t need to hire movers to get them to your room. Just open the box and enjoy your new bed frame.

But don't confuse lightweight with flimsy. Made with CertiPUR-US® foam, our bed frames provide cushioned corners for unparalleled comfort. They also keep toes and all body parts safe, perfect for kids, pets, and adults alike.

We are also eco-conscious, keeping trees in the forest and lowering our carbon footprint because we ship lightweight materials. Simply take your existing box spring and turn it into something beautiful and functional.

Choose from a range of fabrics to match any bedroom style and then pair it with one of our upholstered headboards. The result? A stunning bed that looks like it costs thousands. Shop all of our bedroom furniture today to experience the game-changing innovation of SoftFrame® Designs!

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