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The 5 Best Bed Beds For Small Rooms

When you’re living in a small space, finding the perfect furniture pieces can be quite a challenge—especially when it comes to bedrooms. While many bed frames take over most of your square footage or sacrifice stylish looks for the sake of functionality, several styles can help you minimize your furniture’s footprint to free up the floor space you need.

Read on to explore the best beds for small rooms and find the piece your space has been missing.

1. Twin Beds

While twin mattresses may seem like they’re just for children or dorm rooms, they’re a great way to save space in tight quarters. At 38 inches wide and 75 inches long, twin beds are cozy and comfortable for most adults under six feet tall—while also allowing you to conserve space and infuse the bedroom with your preferred interior aesthetic.

Twin bed frames come in all shapes and sizes, from classic wooden spindle beds to minimal wireframes and everything in between. No matter your chosen style, twin beds are just as luxurious as larger sizes when outfitted with crisp linens, down pillows, and luxe sheets to create a relaxing bedroom oasis.

2. Bunk Beds

For rooms needing to sleep two or more, bunk beds capitalize on extra vertical space. While they are a similar width and height as twin bed frames, they have the advantage of a second bed stacked on top of the first. This makes bunk beds the ideal option for homes that need flexible sleeping configurations, like lake houses, ski cabins, or rental properties. They’re also a smart, space-saving solution for siblings who share a bedroom.

From modern and sleek steel frames to traditional wooden designs, bunk beds come in a wide variety of styles to suit every taste. They’re also available in several size combinations—including twins or twin XL frames and full-and-twin combos—so you can find the perfect pairing for your space.

3. Storage Beds

Storage beds are the ultimate space-saving hack for small spaces. Especially ideal for studio or one-bedroom apartments, they allow you to easily hide away seasonal or infrequently used items to declutter your home and free up valuable closet space.

Many storage beds have easy-to-access drawers that slide out from beneath the mattress, much like a dresser drawer. Other storage styles are hinged, lifting the mattress to reveal space where you can hide items within the base of the bed frame itself. Whichever style you choose, these bed frames deliver unmatched storage opportunities and allow you to strategically maximize every square foot of your space.

4. Murphy Beds

Murphy beds are an ingenious solution for tight quarters. Ideal for studio apartments and multi-purpose rooms, these beds are hinged styles that store vertically against a wall when not in use to free up precious floor space.

Typically, when stored, these beds are disguised within a cabinet, shelving, or closet. This not only offers extra storage but also creates more floor space so even tiny rooms feel spacious. Perfect for home offices that double as guest rooms, open-concept living spaces, and children’s rooms, the Murphy bed offers versatility that is vital for small spaces.

5. A SoftFrame® Bed Frame

SoftFrame® bed frames are modern, lightweight bed frames (they are incredibly easy to carry up the stairs to your room!) that offer unparalleled style for small spaces. The frames arrived fully assembled and are ready to use, ensuring that you don’t need a lot of floor space for assembly. They go over your existing box spring leaving only a protective and sleek silhouette.

Available in a range from twin to king to suit your space, SoftFrame® bed frames are suitable for spaces of all shapes and sizes. If you can’t find a bed frame that works in your space, you can opt instead for one of SoftFrame®’s stylish, Scandinavian-inspired headboards to achieve a similar cozy aesthetic.

Explore SoftFrame® Designs’ full collection today to find the perfect space-saving solution for your home.

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