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How SoftFrame® Designs Reinvented the Bed Frame

So often the way things have always been done is no longer the best way to do things. This rings especially true in interior design. The raised bed frame was invented roughly 5000 years ago (seriously), and up until recently, the design has remained remarkably similar. But just 6 years ago, someone decided there was a better way to create a cozy bedroom. That someone was our very own founder, Heidi Petzold, and SoftFrame® Designs was born of a simple, yet revolutionary question: how do we reinvent bed frame design? 

A Fresh Bed Frame Idea

Let’s take a peek into the mind of our CEO. Heidi strives for the ideals of minimalism: functionality, simplicity and form; yet, she settles for no less than the very best quality. Take it from Heidi herself: “Part of my DNA is that I (too often) question the status-quo, constantly seek improvement and try to find beauty in simplicity. My favorite question is why do we do things this way, and how could we do it better?” That curiosity eventually led to her questioning the way we set up our bedrooms.

A bed should be a place of comfort, softness and relaxation. Why are we surrounding it with unforgiving and increasingly scarce materials like wood? Why not modernize our materials, and reduce our carbon footprint? Why not make something soft, cozy and forgiving that’s easy to setup? Why not cover up that old box spring or foundation with something modern and stylish? As you can see: One question often leads to another!



The Hard Start

As much as the bed frame needed innovation, its long and mostly unchanged history made reinventing what it could be rather difficult. In fact, nobody believed that Heidi’s idea for a soft bed frame would work when she first shared it; nobody, that is, except for her mom. Luckily for all of us, Heidi and her mom’s faith in the idea was resolute, and SoftFrame® Designs was born.

A New Bed Frame Design

It wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows when Heidi started creating and selling products. Before her Etsy storefront was a standout, the very first sale actually had a hiccup. The first customer, unfamiliar with the innovative design, didn’t know how to properly install the SoftFrame® bed frame. They accidentally set the bed frame on the floor upside down and put the box spring inside the frame, causing the material to tear! Naturally, Heidi worried her idea was silly, that it wouldn’t work. Despite the setback, Heidi stayed true to the idea, and here we are: pioneering a change in something a few millennia old! 

Soft Bed Frames are Better

Don’t just take our word for it, though. From our modernist looks to our endlessly comfortable design, our bed frames have made thousands of happy customers. Let’s take a look at what exactly SoftFrame®’s patented bed frame design addresses. 

1. Safe and Cozy

We’ve all been there: we’re carrying a load of laundry, or putting the kids to bed, and we turn a corner too fast only to smash an unknowing toe or shin against a cold metal bed frame. In the very room that’s supposed to be solace from the outside world, there is a hulking hunk of metal or wood that interrupts even the coziest of spaces.

SoftFrame® Designs not only addressed this issue, but we also solved it. Goodbye 5000-year-old design: our bed frame design has changed your room for the better. No longer do you have to worry about a sore shin or a child bumping their head. Our soft bed frames make your room staycation ready.

SoftFrame process

2. Easy and Life-Friendly

Let’s face it: the shopping options for something like a bed frame are a bit disheartening. Life is busy and the bedroom is a safe, dreamy space. The last thing most of us want to do is lug a heavy box and assemble a slew of little parts when purchasing a new bed frame. It’s either that or take a trip to the store—good luck if you don’t have a truck.

But that was before! SoftFrame® Designs ships a compact and easy-to-maneuver package right to your door. Then, installation is as simple as slipping the SoftFrame® bed frame over your box spring or foundation and putting the mattress back on top. In the words of Architectural Digest reviewer Collier Sutter: “assembly was truly the easiest thing ever.” Just don’t accidentally put your box spring on top like that first customer!

3. Accessible Aspiration

These days when you shop online it is so difficult to tell what exactly you are getting for the price. While the cost of a bed frame can range quite a bit, SoftFrame® Designs’ most popular choice, the Ultra, starts at just $580 for a bed frame and $1000 for a full set (bed frame and headboard). Not only are you getting a cozy and easy frame for a great price, but our quality well exceeds other options at this price point. One reviewer raved: “The craftsmanship, the color, and the plush headboard are divine!” 

Value goes beyond the cost and quality: let’s face it, sometimes furniture gets sacrificed in a move. Big bulky bed frames that either need to be disassembled or moved in one piece often get the chop. SoftFrame® beds can easily be moved; in the words of another reviewer, “As a young professional who moves often, this is the perfect bed solution.”

4. Stylish Design Bed Frame

You didn’t think we’d forget to talk about our modern, minimalist design, did you? Finding a high-quality bed frame in our price range that also looks great can be a challenge. Many times there is little design at all: perhaps particle board with wood print, or metal slats that don’t exactly exude comfort and relaxation. 

Our bed frames are inspired by modern Danish and Italian interior design and are made with the highest quality materials. You get to craft the bedroom experience that you dream of with our bed frame design. Not to mention, the simple elegance looks great in a variety of decors.

We Do it All

Beyond our bed frames, SoftFrame® Designs also creates cozy bolster pillows and divine headboards. Wait: A headboard that doesn’t hurt when you rest your head against it? That’s right, with a bed frame and headboard set you can create a restful bedroom that brightens every day of the week. For the bedtime readers and scrollers, a wedge pillow makes for a comfortable way to prop you up. 

Join Us in Total Relaxation

The journey from the historic bed frames in Egypt to something, well, a little more comfortable has been a long and indirect one. Just ask our founder, Heidi Petzold: No one except her mom believed SoftFrame® Designs would be a good idea. After that, her very first sale went awry when the customer tore through the slip fabric. Despite it all, she stayed true to the idea and reinvented the bed frame, helping us all accomplish our dream rooms! Thousands of 5-star reviews later, we’re glad Heidi kept going!

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