A child's room decorated with anchors and sea creatures and featuring a soft bed frame from SoftFrame Designs

6 Kids Room Decor Ideas Your Child Will Love

While you might have a desired design aesthetic for your home, there’s one area where it’s best to relinquish a bit of control: your child’s bedroom. Their room is the perfect place for them to explore their creativity and sense of identity, so including them in the design process is vital to creating a space that represents their ideas, passions, and hobbies.

While some decor elements, like paint or wall art, are easy swaps, you can also think a bit bigger to create the space of their dreams. Discover our favorite kid’s room decor ideas from patterned wallpaper to accent lighting that will help you deliver a one-of-a-kind space for your little one.

Dial Up the Fun with Bright Paint Colors

While neutral shades are a timeless option for interior decor, ditch the whites, grays, and beiges when it comes to finishing a child’s room. Instead, choose happiness-inducing colors like blue, green, or even yellow. These hues will instantly put a smile on any child’s face and create an inspiring, creative environment.

If your child is old enough, try letting them pick out a color palette to outfit their entire room. From the wall color to the trim to even the ceiling, you can incorporate different variations and saturations of their chosen shade to create a cohesive, bright space where they feel most themselves. If you’re feeling daring, you can even let them help with their paintbrush.

Incorporate Unexpected Wallpaper

Paint isn’t the only way to incorporate color. If your child gravitates towards patterns, opt instead to finish the walls with a statement-making wallpaper. From bold geometric patterns to soft florals, wallpaper allows you to transform the vibe of a space almost instantly.

Whether you choose to wallpaper a single statement wall or outfit the entire room, don’t forget to choose an accent paint color for the trim, windows, and doors. If you prefer the look of paint for the walls, consider wallpapering just the ceiling for an unexpected way to incorporate your child’s chosen pattern.

Opt for Interactive Wall Art

While framed photos or paintings may be your preferred wall art throughout most of your home, think outside the box for your child’s room. Use interactive wall decor, like cork boards, dry-erase boards, or chalk paint to offer them more ownership of their space and allow them to interact with it in new ways.

Peel-and-stick cork is a fast, affordable, and easy-to-install way to transform a corner of their room, while chalk paint is a versatile finish you can apply not only to walls and doors but to furniture, too. Only the sky's the limit to your creativity!

Add Easy-to-Reach Light Fixtures

Whether your child is an avid reader, a budding artist, or a Lego aficionado, it’s important to have easily accessible lighting to create the right ambiance for their passions. While overhead light fixtures are typical, consider adding tabletop light fixtures on their dresser, side table, or desk to allow them to adjust the lighting in their space depending on their activity and time of day. While standing lamps may be a chic option, they’re not super accessible for young children who can’t reach the switch—instead, be conscious of also choosing lamps with easy-to-use switches that are friendly for little fingers.

Multiple light fixtures throughout a space also offer a fun way to incorporate pops of color or textures—like linen or rattan—in the shade to add extra dimension to the space. Metal finishes, like brass, or glass and acrylic details on lamp bases can also infuse the space with a modern, stylish feel that will grow with your little one.

Use Hidden Storage to Your Advantage

Between clothing, shoes, toys, and school supplies, kids have a lot of things they need to keep tidy. But instead of living in organized chaos, leverage innovative storage solutions to outfit their space. Furniture like storage ottomans, cubbies with easy-to-reach baskets, or window seats with hollow benches are all decor pieces that will enhance the space—and offer a practical way to hide away items when not in use.

Create a Calming Environment with Cozy Furniture

While furniture choices for children should be practical, they should also create a calming space that allows them to relax and unwind. Plush furniture or boucle finishes are ideal additions that create a comfortable environment and eliminate sharp edges and hard materials that can be especially hazardous for little ones.

SoftFrame® Designs offers amazing designs for children that are functional and fun. These stylish bed frames are crafted from high-density foam and premium upholstery to create a cloud-like design that every child is bound to love. Each bed frame is also super lightweight and free of hard finishes or corners, so your little one won’t have any accidental bumps and bruises.

They are even sophisticated enough that they easily age with your child, so you won’t have to replace their bed every few years—instead, it’s a design that effortlessly evolves with them. Explore our Kid's Collection today to find the perfect furniture for your children's room.

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