A Children's Luna bed frame and headboard set from SoftFrame Designs in the color Forest with forest animal print sheets

5 Creative Ways to Style & Personalize Kids' Beds

While you want your child’s room to be a safe and comfortable place for them to play, sleep, and spend time, you also want to be sure it’s a space that embodies their personality. But instead of choosing sheets, comforters, and other bedding accents just because they coordinate with the existing space, why not personalize the entire experience for your little one?

Read on to discover our favorite tips and tricks that will allow you to create a custom kid’s bed that results in a cozy, comfortable oasis where they can’t wait to drift off every night.

Pick Bedding That Reflects Their Personality

While simple, solid-colored sheets may be a timeless choice that will grow with your child, instead consider allowing them to select bedding that reflects their favorite things. Find sheets, duvet covers, and blankets that embrace your child’s personality.

Vivid hues, bold patterns, or whimsical bedding will make them excited to spend time in their bedroom. Consider opting for a broader theme—like outer space, unicorns, or firetrucks—to echo their interests. You can even find a few different sheet sets and rotate them occasionally to keep your little ones more entertained in the long run. If possible, however, avoid choosing bedding with a particular character, as they may outgrow these preferences quickly.

Prioritize High-Quality Fabrics

Just because you’re allowing your child to choose bedding they love, it doesn’t mean you should sacrifice quality. Comfort reigns supreme for adult bedding, and this should remain the same no matter your age. Young children require anywhere between 8 to 14 hours of sleep per night, so finding cozy bedding that helps to lull them off to sleep is a must.

Opt for natural fabrics like cotton, linen, or wool for the ultimate cozy sleeping experience. But don’t stop at just one fabric—to create the ultimate kid’s bed, try layering different textures and textiles for a more sensorial, relaxing experience. Crisp cotton sheets paired with plush flannel and organic linen are sustainable options that add depth and dimension without sacrificing comfort.

Don't Forget Decorative Details

Styling a kid’s bed doesn’t stop at the duvet cover. While the sheets, blanket, and comforter or quilt are the base of the bed, don’t let your creativity stop there. Think outside the box to outfit your little one’s bed with fun details that make them eager to spend time in their space.

From stuffed animals to pillows, thoughtful accents complete the interior aesthetic and help bring your color scheme or theme to life. Meanwhile, bed add-ons like canopies and bed tents can help make your child’s bed feel like a serene and magical oasis made just for them.

Use Color To Your Advantage

Just like adults, colors play a big role in a child’s mood. Strategically choose colors for their bedding—and their room as a whole—that will help them stay happy and engaged. Some evidence suggests that children’s mood can be affected by color as early as age 3. They respond particularly well to bright colors like pink, red, and blue, but react negatively to dark and moody hues like brown and gray.

When selecting a color palette for their bedding and bedroom as a whole, opt for combinations like blue and white, pink and green, or other fun, bright pairings. This not only makes their personal space bright and colorful but also has mood-boosting impacts.

Opt For a Plush, Cozy Upholstered Bed Frame

While upholstered, wooden, and metal bed frames are the norm, they can expose your kids to hard surfaces around their bed that lead to accidental bumps, bruises, and stubbed toes making them a less practical option for young children.

Innovative, twice-patented soft bed frames from SoftFrame® Designs on the other hand eliminate these accidental encounters altogether. Each bed frame is made with only high-density foam to eliminate sharp corners, hard edges, and rough materials. Instead, they offer a soft, cloud-like space to keep your little ones safe and drift off to sleep.

Besides their practical perks, SoftFrame® Designs also has a kids' collection specially designed for little ones. These low-to-the-ground styles make it simple for children of all ages to get into and out of bed safely and on their own, and they even come in several different styles and fabrics so kids can choose their favorite. Whether they prefer the bright blue hue of the Sky linen-polyester blend fabric or instead like the plush texture of the Teddy bouclé, there are four distinct shades they can choose from to complete their room’s color palette.

Explore SoftFrame® Designs kids’ collection today to find your favorite cozy style.

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