About SOFTFRAME® Designs

Luxuriously Modern and Cozy. Functional & Easy.

We are bringing a new bed concept that is modern and gorgeous in every home – appealing to everyone looking for a meticulously-crafted, functional design with luxurious comfort.

Inspired by the modernist style of Denmark and Italy, SOFTFRAME® bed frame instantly transforms the traditional functionality of the bed and bedroom, creating a bed that is protective, cozy and luxurious. It fits perfectly over and around a standard box spring, making the box spring disappear completely and stays solidly in place against the forces of life and gravity.

The minimalist frame-over-foundation design is delivered to your door fully assembled - as one piece - ready to use by simply placing it over and around your box spring. Your mattress rests on top.

Handcrafted using only plush, high density foam and luxurious & premium fabric (no wood*), SOFTFRAME® bed frame is lightweight and more beautiful in person.

Check out our SoftFrame® Bed collections - Ultra, Classic and Luna - and you can complete your look with our comfy headboards, pillows, and bolsters which are perfect for mixing and matching.


For an in-depth review of our SOFTFRAME® bed frames, visit Architectural Digest's latest article featuring our Luna Set here: I Tried It by Collier Sutter.

View happy customers on Instagram at @softframe for more inspiration!


*SOFTFRAME® Designs reduces the environmental impact otherwise associated with harvesting, transporting and manufacturing of traditional wood or upholstered wood bed frames.